Vinny Tamburello,CT’s Brother Murdered Shot

Early Life:

Vinny Tamburello, also known as Vincent Tamburello Jr., was born on September 12, 1975 to Vincent Tamburello Sr. and Ramona Tamburello. He spent his childhood in Charlestown alongside his siblings, including his famous movie star brother, Chris Tamburello, who is widely known as CT. Chris Tamburello was born in 1980, becoming the second born in the family. Subsequently, Jason Tamburello was born, and Venessa Tamburello followed, making the Tamburello family a household of six.

Vinnie tamburello enjoyed a close-knit relationship with his family. Nevertheless, at the age of 17, he ventured out to explore the world on his own, leaving his family behind. Seven years after moving out, Vinny decided to return home and began working on restoring houses.

In 2007, he relocated to Vermont to continue his house restoration career. It was in Vermont that he met his girlfriend, Julie, with whom he later planned to start a family. However, the couple faced the tragedy of miscarriage.

His Murder:

During his stay in Vermont, Vincent tamburello ran into some trouble with a group of men who were allegedly drug dealers and, at the same time, District Attorney Informants. A confrontation between Vinny and these men would become the harbinger of his cold-blooded murder.

August 17, 2008, would prove to be Vinny’s fatal day. While attending a softball tournament in a local park, Vinny had a confrontation with the group and was shot in the leg and the back. He had destroyed the truck of one of the members, Bolaski, with a hammer, after which Bolaski grabbed a hunting rifle and shot him. To make matters worse, the group proceeded to hit him with the same rifle that shot him and kicked him while he lay helpless.

Upon the arrival of the police, Vinny was still alive, but he was pronounced dead after he arrived at the hospital.

Delayed or Denied Justice?

Vinny’s murder shocked everyone, and there was hope that justice would be served as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Vinny’s case turned out to be more complicated than anticipated. There was particular outrage towards DA Robert Sand, who was accused of abusing his authority to deny Tamburello’s family justice.

The outrage towards Robert Sand led to his ousting. There was renewed hope for justice when the suspect was sentenced to 25 years. However, this hope was short-lived as Robert Sand reappeared, and the suspect’s appeal not only reversed the 25-year sentence but also set him free.

Despite the setbacks, Tamburello’s family and supporters persevered. After more than a decade of fighting, justice was finally served. The perpetrator, Bolaski, was sentenced to a maximum of 15 years after making a plea deal. He had already served half of that time prior to the plea deal.

While the justice may have been insufficient, it was better than allowing the killer to roam free.